Oculus Rift and Touch Storage Options

VR creates a lot of problems when trying to maintain a tidy office.  The Rift headset is somewhat large and not easy to store. Untamed, it will eat up a lot of desk space with the Touch controllers and cables.  The Rift is delicate and expensive so it deserves a better fate than being dumped into a desk drawer.  Rift storage can be difficult but there are options to tidy things up.

Oculus Rift Storage

Many Vive owners have had success using a flexible track with hooks to hang controllers and the headset.  This is a little easier for the Rift since there are no headphones to worry about.  An extra hook can be added as tidy storage for the headset cables.  The one downside of hanging the headset is that you may cause the elastic strap to stretch over time.


The Rift is the perfect size to fit into an Ikea shoebox which will protect it from harm and keep dust away from the fabric cover and optics.


If you really want to show off your headset you can mount in on a glass mannequin head when not in use.  Futuristic to some, creepy to others.  Normally used for ski goggles, it’s the closest purpose built mount you may find.



The Touch controllers can easily be hidden out of the way with an under desk mount normally used for headphones.  This is a slick way of keeping them accessible and hanging them for charging.