Vive Storage Options

VR is great but it sure has a lot of clutter.  I remember the first time I cracked the Vive box – the head set, controllers, lighthouses, cables, and chargers were all neatly packed into a largish box.  Unpacked, the Vive accessories can command a lot of space.  I wanted to cover some storage options and ideas for the Vive and help tidy up your VR collections.

Any time I use the Vive I’m juggling the head set, head phones, and a pair of controllers.   This stuff will eat up a lot of desk space when not in use and it all needs to be handled somewhat carefully.  Luckily there are a few ways to neatly and safely store your Vive and controllers.

Storage Options

This is a nifty hook based solution that uses guitar hooks to support the Vive headset, controllers, and cables.  The hooks do a very nice job of supporting the headset without stretching the elastic.



Next up is two track based options that are a little more flexible and slightly more attractive, depending on your aesthetic.  The one downside is they let the headset hang which will allow dust to collect on the lenses and may stretch the elastic strap.



Another option is to reuse the shipping foam included in the Vive box and use it as drawer liners.  Classy but not space efficient.  The upside is that you completely hide your Vive in a set of drawers – much less obtrusive than mounting your VR collection to the wall.


If you really want to show off your headset you can mount in on a glass mannequin head when not in use.  Futuristic to some, creepy to others.  Normally used for ski goggles, it’s the closest purpose built mount you may find.